Visions of Atlantis – The Deep & The Dark



Napalm Records

Released: 16-02-2018


Join the silent mutiny as Austrian metal band Visions of Atlantis takes you on a voyage to Lemuria and back to their roots with their newest release titled “The deep & the dark”, out on February 16th via Napalm Records. Since its inception in 2000, the band suffered way too many line-up changes to number, reaching a point where the only founding member is drummer Thomas Caser. For this new album, along his side we find both seasons musicians Clémentine Delauney (Exit Eden, ex-Whyzdom) and Siegfried Samer (Dragony) who handle the vocal duty, but also newcomers Christian Douscha on guitars and Herbert Glos on bass. Commenting on the album, the band stated:


“This is the album we have always dreamed of making. It is everything fans of this genre love and Visions of Atlantis was founded for. This is the heart and soul of this band and symphonic metal. We are proud and excited that after over four years we put out the best 10 tracks the band has to offer. This is Visions of Atlantis — this is symphonic metal!"



The deep & the dark

Return to Lemuria

Ritual night

The silent mutiny

Book of nature

The last home

The grand illusion

Dead reckoning

Words of war

Prayer to the lost

From the up-tempo and grandiose title track “The dark & the deep” to the ballad “Prayer for the lost”, the album feels like a cruise on tranquil waters, beautifully guided by Clémentine and Siegfried’s emotional, powerful, and versatile delivery. This is more than evident on their first single, and one of my favorites, the melodic duet “Return to Lemuria”, but also on the piano-driven ballad “The last home” (which is reminiscent of “Winternight” in its beauty) and on the catchy and energetic “The silent mutiny”, which also has a pretty good guitar solo. That doesn’t mean the listeners won’t find themselves in some ‘troubled waters’ now and again – I am talking about the trio of songs from the second part of the album where the guitars and drums a bit more up-front than previously, namely “The grand illusion”, “Dead reckoning”, both of which feature some borderline operatic vocals from Clémentine and noteworthy guitar solos, and “Words of war” with its power-metal vibes courtesy of Siegfried’s delivery. Among the other surprises on the album are the folky elements from “Ritual night”, which have a certain Celtic feel to them, and the oriental vibe of “Book of nature”, with Clémentine’s chant at the beginning and the orchestration.


With “The deep & the dark”, I feel Visions of Atlantis played it safe and created a pretty straightforward symphonic metal album, with all the charms and enchantments that come with the territory, which makes for an easy and enjoyable listen. I am really sorry to see that, even after more than 15 years, the band is still on the fringes of the metal scene, just a few steps away from the spotlight. Maybe this album, and the Symphonic Metal Nights tour (February 2018), will get them closer to the limelight.

I rate “The deep & the dark” with a 7.5 / 10


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By Andrea




Clémentine Delauney (vocals)

Siegfried Samer (vocals)

Christian Douscha (guitars)

Herbert Glos (bass)

Thomas Caser (drums)