Whyzdom - As Time Turns To Dust

Scarlet Records
Release: April 6, 2018


WHYZDOM is a French symphonic-metal band or, in their own words: “Think of a huge orchestra and a massive symphonic choir intertwined with powerful riffs and enchanting melodies from a clear and passionate feminine voice, and you’ll get an idea of what WHYZDOM has managed to create.” Says whyzdom.com “Their classical influences ranging from the romantic to the contemporary period, as well as appealing melodies that drive the songs, making their sound utterly unmistakable in an ever growing scene.” It’s true that this is more than just your typical symphonic band. WHYZDOM’s Facebook page calls them “Female Fronted Philharmonic Metal”. No matter what name you feel suits them best, you must admit WHYZDOM is a talented and unique band. WHYZDOM has been busy at work on their fourth studio album called “As Time Turns to Dust”. They have already began releasing videos featuring songs from the new album. “As Time Turns to Dust” will be out 6 th April under the label Scarlet Records.



Armour of Dust


Fly Away

The Page

Follow Your Heart

Angel of Tears

Free As A Bird

The Mistchild

Dust We Are

“Armour of Dust” starts us off. This is as good an intro as most conscientious metal albums. I guess I have just been spoiled lately by outstanding intros. But this one, in particular, didn’t stand out for me. In general, I was much more into the album once I got to the third track, “Fly Away’. The orchestration alone is unreal. I believe this may have made a better intro song. It has pure power behind it. This song shows WHYZDOM really knows their way around a bow and an oboe. Another thing that struck me about this song is this intense build up of strings running scales rapidly in a dissonant boost to create a

feeling of instability. This discordant melody is repeating throughout the song; railing on the tritone to create a creepy feeling. The song directly after “Fly Away” is “The Page” which is just a nicer, softer rock tune. The simpler song seems an intended opposite to the complex music otherwise found on this album. “Follow Your Heart” has an incredible build with the drums. “Free as a Bird” is definitely my favorite song on” As Time Turns to Dust”. The pacing is incredible. The fantastic strings and vocals rise to the top of this sonic experience. Still, I have to wonder what will happen the next time someone yells “free bird!” at a WHYZDOM concert. As much as I disapproved of the intro that was chosen, I felt “Dust We Are” is the perfect outro to this sonic collection. It contains more of those beautiful orchestral harmonies which have already blown me away so much on this album. I also believe this to be the catchiest song on “As Time Turns to Dust’. If I were to try to introduce someone to this band, this is the song I would show them. WHYZDOM is one of those rare bands with a symphonic element, which can function on its own both as an orchestral number and a metal song. Marie’s voice is definitely different from the average soprano in this type of music. When she sings low, she sounds as good an alto as Anette Olzon. When she sings high, she sounds as talented a soprano as Tarja Turunen. WHYZDOM’s music is so intense it would sound great even without a singer but Marie is the icing on WHYZDOM’s cake.

This is certainly an album I would buy and listen to more than once. Some of the songs were a bit long and I wasn’t really impressed with the song chosen as the intro. That being said, this also isn’t the closest fit to the type of metal I love best. But if I am speaking objectively, I will give this album 8/10.


I recognize that raw talent and what it has been cultivated as. I love love love their symphonic element. Each symphonic metal band is unique but I have yet to hear one merge classic rock and classical music as strongly as WHYZDOM. Check them out in the links below:


Official site: http://www.whyzdom.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WHYZDOMproject/

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5zCc1hZPURXwIqFGRwxm1t




By Élan

Band members:


Tristan Demurger - Bass

Nico Chaumeaux - Drums

Régis Morin - Guitars

Vynce Leff - Guitars, orchestration

Marc Ruhlmann - Keyboards

Marie Mac Leod - vocals