Within Silence – Return from the Shadows



Ulterium Records

Released: 27-10-2017



Within Silence is a young metal band from Slovakia that has released its second album, titled “Return from the Shadows”, in October 2017 via Ulterium Records. The band was formed in 2008 but made its debut in 2015 with “Gallery of Life” and since then played at various festival in Norway, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands and opened up for Theocracy during their tour across Europe in November 2016.



Walking in the footsteps of well established power metal acts like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica, their music is a mix of fast-paced guitar and bass riffs, pounding drum beats and powerful male vocals. The end result is a collection of 9 songs that follow a true and tested formula for the average power metal song while the arrangements showcase a higher level of maturity which gives the music a more complex sound.



We Are The Ones

Heroes Must Return

Children Of Light

Calling From The Other Side

In the Darkness

The Final Victory

You & I


Return From The Shadows

With vocals that at times remind me of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson (the low singing halfway through “In the Darkness”) but also of Rhapsody’s Fabio Lione (those high notes in “Master”), singer Martin Klein really shows off all his skills and potential. The rest of the band follows his example and deliver a mixture of classic heavy metal riffages and modern European power / progressive elements. While the shorter songs that focus on guitar riffs work quite well (case in point: “Calling from the other side”), their experimenting with longer tracks and intricate instrumental seem more like a hit and miss. “In the Darkness” has its good moments but it takes 17 minutes to get the message across and even the prog-lover in me finds that to be a bit much. On the other hand the 10-minute album closer “Return from the Shadows” is more to the point and has a smoother flow, with bass line and vocal melodies straight from Seventh Wonder and I can’t help but love it.

The album has its fare share of sing-along moments (“Children of Light”), soaring choruses (“Heroes must return”) and just good old fashion “fists in the air” power metal extravaganza (“The final victory”). Musically, “Return from the Shadows” is good, consistent and cohesive, the performances are solid all around, showing that the band has what it takes to become great but there’s not enough originality to set them apart from the rest even though lyrically Within Silence are the European version of Theocracy. But “Return from the Shadows” is a far cry from “Ghost Ship” (one of my top albums of 2016). Unfortunately.

I rate it with a 7 / 10 because, though the album is not as memorable as I had wished it would be, it is still very much enjoyable.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/withinsilenceband

Website: http://www.within-silence.com








By Andrea


Within Silence line-up:


Martin Klein – Vocals

Richard Germanus – Lead guitars

Martin Cico – Rhythm guitars

Viktor Varga – Bass

Peter Gacik – Drums