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Release: December 14, 2018


With inspiration from their childhood heroes in U2, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Mew, Rasmus and Muse, 7 Days In Alaska presents pop/rock with energetic elements like cool guitar riffs, playful synth melodies, drifting vocals with catchy hooks and majestic drumming that build up under a great sound image. Fans of current popular bands as Nothing But Thieves, PVRIS and Imagine Dragons are surely attracted to the sound of 7 Days In Alaska too. The band consists of three guys from Norway: Martin Bjerke behind the mic, Christer Gundersen as the six stringer and Simen Sandness behind the drums.


7 Days In Alaska has been working on their debut album ''Dancing With Ghosts'' over the last two years, first releasing an EP and several singles. They have also worked hard at building a fan base, playing concerts in Norway and Germany and getting ready to really establish 7 Days In Alaska as a touring live band. The recording of the album occured in three different countries, Norway, Ireland and USA. The album is produced by Grammy-winner Nathan Dantzler as his team at Hit Lab Studios in Nashville.



Lost At Sea

Cloud 9

Make You Stay

Hey Girl

Love Me Hate Me

All The Things I'll Never Say



Us Against The World

Everything I Did

Never Ends

From time to time, I can appreciate some pop/alternative rock (through that I found metal of course). When I listened to 7DIA’s new record ‘’Dancing With Ghosts’’ I was sold right away. The album opens with a great track called ‘’Lost At Sea’’. This track is now one of my favourites in my Spotify list. I think it’s awesome! ‘’Cloud 9’’ is a bit more poppy but I don’t let that ‘’bother’’ me, sometimes it is nice to hear something different. In both previous tracks I can sense some synths and electronic effects, and I absolutely love those influences!

‘’Make You Stay’’ and ‘’Hey Girl’’ sounds bit too mainstream for me, but nevertheless great tracks to listen too. With mainstream I mean radio friendly/commercial, not necessarily their sound. Because I do really like the sound of 7DIA! ‘’Love Me Hate Me’’ has this fun remix part in the place where usually would be a guitar solo. I think that is really original, even for this genre.


Judging from the title, ‘’All The Things I’ll Never Say’’ comes across as a bit cheesy. And cheesy it is, but it is still very nice to listen to. ‘’Marielle’’ is a bit too slow for my taste. ‘“Stand’’ on the other hand sounds ten times as loud as the previous two tracks. ‘’Us Against The World’ really reminds me of one of my favourite bands from about ten years ago, Destine. This band broke up in 2015 and it broke my heart, but 7DIA might be a really good replacement! The album closes with ‘’Everything I Did’’ and ‘’Never Ends’’, these are both incredible tracks.

7 Days In Alaska is a band that I would have never found on my own. I am so happy with the PR that sent me this promo! I really like to ‘’boost’’ these smaller (and/or beginning) bands with the platform we have build. 7DIA have a very unique and fresh sound, ‘’Dancing With Ghosts’’ is a great album and I did not really find anything bad. +1 for the electronic influences and the awesome artwork!


Rating: 8/10


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By Tamar




Martin Bjerke - Vocals

Christer Gundersen - Guitar

Simen Sandness - Drums