Beaten to Death - Agronomicon



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24 December 2018


Olso’s own Beaten to Death's formation began in 2010 by guitarists Martin Rygge, Tommy Hjelm, and drummer Christian Svendsen who are all experienced musicians, and with completing the line-up by adding bassist Mika Martinussen and vocalist Anders Bakke to the mix, the band was now set to creating grindcore music.




Grind Korn

Dere Er Herved Øpplast

Catch Twentyfvck

Bjørnstjerne Ibsen

(Intro to the Next Song)


Gå, Snubble, Bli Liggende

Extremely Run to the Hills

Boy George Michael Bolton

Havregubbens Doll

Livet Tar, Og Livet Tar

Eternal Punished Sceptic

Coming from someone who is not a big listener of grindcore, I’m very picky on what I listen too. I found some that are “meh” to bad, to very bad”, but Beaten to Death doesn’t fit neither of those category, listening to the whole album all the way through should say enough about them in this review, but let me go a little bit further. Though “Agronomicon” is only goes up to 22 minutes overall as each songs are at average length of one to two minutes long, but still in that short timeframe they manage to fit their most relentless and noisiest sounds, “Catch Twentyfvck” and “Livet Tar, Og Livet Tar” to name a few.

 It’s not just noise as I would say, it’s has some great electric guitar melodies we hear in songs like “Grind Korn” and “Extremely Run to the Hills”. The big plus for me is the hardcore chugging bass which is definitely a standout in the record. Aside from the brutal, the band has also provide have some catchy tracks like “Bjørnstjerne Ibsen” and “Agronomicon”. After listening to the album, it’s safe to say Norwegian knows how to do grindcore best following black metal.


 I'm definitely adding Beaten to Death to my list and hope to come across others that are as good as these fellas. “Agronomicon” definitely deserves a positive score of 8 out of 10.


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By Joshua


Band members:


Martin Rygge – guitars

Tommy Hjelm – guitars

Christian Svendsen – drums

Mika Martinussen – bass

Anders Bakke - vocals