Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild



Frontiers Music Srl

Release: May 17, 2019


Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx are back with another sleaze metal gem that harkens back to the best of ‘80s rock, while also keeping a foot planted in the 21st century. “Forever Wild” further cements Crazy Lixx as one of the leaders of the Scandinavian led ‘80s hard rock revival.


With huge choruses, memorable hooks and riffs, wailing, emotive guitar solos, and massive production by Danny Rexon and Chris Laney, this album is sure to resonate with old fans and new listeners alike.


The band explores a wider range of styles than ever before on “Forever Wild”. From the hard rocking and anthemic opening track “Wicked” to the AOR inspired upcoming single “Silent Thunder” to songs like "Eagle" that sound like they came off a Bon Jovi album circa 1986, Crazy Lixx manage to blend a love and reverence for ‘80s rock with their own stamp on each track.



Break Out

Silent Thunder

(She's Wearing) Yesterday's Face


Terminal Velocity

It's You

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Weekend Lover

Never Die (Forever Wild)

 Starting with ‘’Wicked’’, I get major AC/DC and Airbourne vibes, mixed in with a little bit of KISS. I have to say that I like it a lot, but this is not my favourite style of music. ‘’Break Out’’ carries on the same atmosphere as ‘’Wicked’’. Now, I know that Frontiers likes to sign this these kinds of bands, but it makes it extremely easy what to expect, and it is somewhat disappointing. ‘’Wicked’’ therefor does not really grab my attention as well. Both ‘’Silent Thunder’’ and ‘’Eagle’’ are straight up boring. ‘’Silent Thunder’’ feels very dragged out. However ‘’(She’s Wearing) Yesterday's Face’’ sounds more interesting to me, it’s a bit more original instead of a mix between said bands. Also, the guitar riff is nice.

 It takes a while, but eventually ‘’Terminal Velocity’’ fades in, but this song too sounds very plain and mediocre to me. The chorus from ‘’It’s You’’ is very catchy, but that is all. ‘’Weekend Love’’ is FINALLY a bit more uptempo but I am still not loving it. Closing track ‘’Never Die (Forever Wild)’’ neither sparks a fire.

It is clear as day that ‘’Forever Wild’’ from Crazy Lixx did not impress me. Every element in the music sounds just a little bit too familiar. We have heard it before. I have no doubt that a live show would be a party, but in the studio.. meh.


Rating: 5/10


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By Tamar



Danny Rexon – vocals

Joél Cirera - drums

Jens Sjöholm – bass guitar

Chrisse Olsson - guitar

Jens Lundgren - guitar