Dark Years From Now



Independent Release

Release: March 8, 2019


Based in Vancouver BC, this sonically diverse act is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Dan Potter.  Using heavy barrages of thrashing poly-rhythmic riffage to whip up intensity levels, DYFN descends into abstracted darkness and finds a sonic blueprint that’s filled with endless possibilities.  Guitars are driven to their most extreme by incorporating experimental approaches in technique and composition which serve as a perfect backdrop to the deep, chaotic experiences brought forth lyrically as dark riddles are wretched out with harrowing screams.


The debut LP by Dark Years From Now was conceived to be a unique listening journey.  Whether it’s the pulsating industrial metal edged aesthetic or the cathartic layers of electronic instrumentation, each track offers a world of intriguing sound and substance.  Unafraid to take a non-linear approach, many of the songs are forged with abstract intent even using the words as yet another aural paintbrush, obscuring to reveal. Four of the eleven tracks are instrumental in nature providing more time for listeners in the churning abyss of variable perception.



Forbidden Nexus

Heaven and Hell Collide

A Red Light Glares

Proxy Whore


Burial Forest


Shot Caller

X or Cyst? Pt. 1

Fall Away

Riptides of the Abyss

 ‘’Forbidden Nexus’’ opens the album with a somewhat prog guitar solo. I think that’s a weird choice considering the rest of the album. However, +1 for originality. ‘’Heaven And Hell Collide’’ was a very pleasant surprise after this. I really like the guitar riffs, perfect for headbanging and moshing combined with loud drums and growls. ‘’A Red Light Glares’’ reminds me a bit of 2002 Arch Enemy mixed with a dash of black metal. Great track in general!

‘’Proxy Whore’’ sounds a lot like the previous tracks but the part around 1:30 is very cool/ I can’t describe it that well but it seems to be an acoustic part in the middle of ta black metal song. ‘’Zubaydah’’ is not a favourite track of mine. ‘’Burial Forest’’ is an electronic, instrumental track that is WAY louder than the rest of the album. My ears did definitely not like that. Pretty weird track considering the genre of the album. ‘’Pyrophoric’’ is awesome, that is why ‘’Burial Forest’’ sounds even weirder to me. I’d love to hear the thoughts behind this choice.


‘’Shot Caller’’ is pretty cool for an instrumental track, I love the solos in it. ‘“X Or Cyst? Pt 1’’ is a song that I am unsure about. I want to like it, but for some reason it just does not appeal to me. Also, where is part 2? ‘’Fall Away’’ is a great track, experimenting with clean vocals suits this songs instrumentals very well. ‘’Riptides Of The Abyss’’ is ten minutes of instrumental alien noises. It would have been better if it was just one minute, because I do not see the point in repeating the same thing for such a long time.


For a one-man production, Dark Years From Now has made a great debut album. Obviously, Dan is extremely talented and this album will hopefully open a lot of opportunities for him. I liked the album a lot more than I thought initially. Of course, you can’t expect everything to be perfect from an independent, multi-instrumentalist, and I think Dan aimed a lot more for artistic freedom than for a perfect album. That’s what makes this album even more impressive.

Rating: 7/10


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Dan Potter