Dead City Crown - Rex Mortuus [EP]



Independent Release

Released: May 4, 2019


Dead City Crown is a melodic death metal band founded in April 2014 by guitarist/composer Fabio Sisco, vocalist/lyricist Carl Conquest and bassist Erick Hugo. Their mission: to create heavy and melodic music influenced by various Scandinavian metal bands.


Shortly after the band's inception, Dead City Crown released their debut EP titled ‘’Centuries’’. Containing four original compositions of the melodeath variety, ‘’Centuries’’ was well received among metal fans and quickly earned the band radio airplay. Despite being only a three piece without a drummer, Dead City Crown was invited to play the first annual NJ Metalfest. They pulled off the show flawlessly while using drum backing tracks live and received positive feedback from the crowd. Regardless, it was time to complete the lineup and the search for a 2nd guitarist and drummer was underway.




The War of Me and I


Awake and Still Dreaming

In October 2015, DCC recruited Marko Pergola on rhythm guitar and Jorge Hernandez on drums. The chemistry between the 5 members was strong during the first rehearsals together which inspired Fabio to begin composing new music. The first full lineup gig for the band was booked but Erick would not be able to make the show. DCC recruited Anthony Ponce to fill in on bass for the gig and had only one rehearsal with him beforehand. The band played their first show as a full lineup in June 2016 at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY. The performance was a success and the band received a warm reception from the crowd. Shortly after the gig, Erick decided to step down from bass duties and was permanently replaced by Anthony.


Spring 2018 witnessed the release of the band's third EP titled ‘’Apex of Fury’’ to high praise and positive reviews. Further solidifying their position as one of the area's most promising up and coming metal acts, they were able to lock in the opening slot for Finland's melodic metallers Insomnium at their NYC gig at Gramercy Theatre. Dead City Crown played to the largest crowd of their career yet thus making the show a huge success for the band.

DCC returned to the recording studio in early Autumn to produce a brand new EP titled ‘’Rex Mortuus’’ set for a Spring 2019 release. Dead City Crown's diligence and adherence to their hard work ethic drives them to achieve their goals and build their brand on a worldwide basis.


DCC’s last EP, ‘’Apex Of Fury’’ got a solid 4 out of 5 from me. Less than a year later, the band is back with four brand new tracks. I have to say that I am still so incredibly impressed by them. ‘’Invictus’’ kind of had me fangirling right away. I love how melodic the track is, and of course Carl's vocals are insane. Track number two, ‘’The War Of Me And I’’ definitely does justice to their Scandinavian influences. They have a very ‘’Finnish’’ sound, if you know what I mean. I think I hear synths here and there as well (this was later confirmed to me by bass player Anthony). This was actually an advice that I gave them last time around!


The clean vocals on ‘’Reflections’’ sound great as well, even though they caught me by surprise. Closing track ‘’Awake And Still Dreaming’’ is equally awesome as all other tracks. I am sad the EP is already come to an end.

I expected ‘“Rex Mortuus’’ to be good, but it actually has exceeded my expectations. All songs are just so damn good! My only question is… When is DCC releasing a full length album? And where can I buy it?


Rating: 5/5


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By Tamar




Carl Conquest - Vocals

Fabio Sisco - Guitar

Brad Harmon - Guitar

Anthony Ponce - Bass

Jorge Hernandez - Drums