Fractures & Outlines - Defenseless



Independent Release

Released: May 17, 2019


Ripping out of Gatineau, Canada, Fractures & Outlines are a post hardcore band with influences ranging from Silverstein, No Use For A Name and Killswitch Engage.


The band came together in 2014 and work tirelessly planting their feet in the local underground music scene. Today the lineup consists of Nicholas Boudreault (vocals), Mathieu Frechette (drums/vocals), Eric Desormeaux (guitar/vocals), Maxime Rondeau (guitar), and Maurice Emond Jr. (bass). Intrepidly, they created their first EP ‘Checkmate’ in 2017, which was met with solid acclaim from various publications.


Since first taking the stage in 2014, Fractures & Outlines have played a whirlwind of local shows and festival including Rock Revolt 2017, Floodfest 2017, and Hullfest 2018. They have shared the stage with bands such as Sworn Enemy, Obey The Brave and Mass Hysteria.



End of The World





Over My Head

The Oppressor


Swallowing Teeth

Defenseless (Acoustic version)

 As a team, the band works on each song together crafting heavy hooks, catchy choruses and brutal breakdowns with lyrical themes about internal struggle and having to fight your own demons. Each member brings a different set of musical influences to the table, making Fractures & Outlines stand out in the genre. Working to further develop a sound that is their own, they hit the studio in 2018 to start work on their 10 track full length ‘Defenseless’, which was revealed on May 17, 2019.

 ‘’End Of The World’’ throws me back into my emo-phase right away. I am LOVING it! The music is very dynamic, fast and diverse. I like the clean vocals and the growls together. ‘’Echoes’’ starts with high pitched screams, and that is when I was completely sold. The chorus has an original twist to it, there is somewhat of a breakdown in the drumline when you hear ‘’ECHOES’’. Like a sudden change of time signature. I did not expect it but that small element does make a big change in the whole song. Title track ‘’Defenseless’’ sounds rather cheesy compared to the two previous tracks. ‘’Mirrors’’ reminds me a lot of early Escape The Fate. It’s definitely a song that 15 year old me would appreciate. The same goes for ‘’Ouragan’’ and basically this whole album. ‘’Over My Head’’ is kind of boring until 45 seconds in, but I am not a fan of this song. The verses are not bad though.

‘’The Oppressor’’ is a lot heavier and rhythmic. I love this track and it is probably my favourite! ‘“Spades’’ is a song they could have skipped. It is a ballad but it’s not on the same level as the other songs and the vocals honestly sound quite bad. I don’t know where it went wrong with ‘’Spades’’, because the acoustic version of ‘’Defenseless’’ is absolutely breathtaking. Overall, this album was very nice.


Rating: 7,5/10


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By Tamar


 Line Up:


Nicholas Boudreault (vocals)

Mathieu Frechette (drums/vocals)

Eric Desormeaux (guitar/vocals)

Maxime Rondeau (guitar)

Maurice Emond Jr. (bass)