Kore Rozzik - Vengeance Overdrive



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Released July 20th, 2018


Known as “The Bastard Child of New York”, Kore Rozzik released their debut album Vengeance Overdrive last year. From the local scene, the band has created a buzz with their theatrical performances. With their fanbase called “Kore Locos”, the group holds a mixture of very familiar metal sounds, with a little twist up their sleeve. They also recently finished a tour with the legendary Otep!


Introducing the album is “Come Take A Ride”, which beckons the listener to join the storyteller in their journey of surviving in the music performance industry. I’m very picky with intros, so this feels a bit corny. However, in this case, it’s not entirely bad, as it sets the atmosphere. I have to remind myself that this is a theatrical rock band, taking influence from Alice Cooper.  The self-titled track “Vengeance Overdrive” kicks in, and it’s a fast paced first taste of Kore Rozzik. So far, I’m impressed. I was honestly thinking this song reminds me of an Avenged Sevenfold track. The way the lead guitar parts are played, with the piano instrumentation, and a nice acoustic bridge… it feels slightly long. Still, like I said, I’m impressed.



Come Take A Ride

Vengeance Overdrive

Found You Online


Unidentified Caller

Bitter Rat

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Now You’ll Pay


Backstage At Gramercy

Dirty Little Secret

Guilty As Charged

Following it up is “Found You Online”, and this is where I realized the whole album is one big story. I felt like I got the bigger picture. I generally am not a fan of these kinds of albums, but I pushed through. What I like so far is how the album flows seamlessly, moving into the song “Mistress” after the keyboard click in “Found You Online”.  It’s a very late 80s-esque aesthetic wise, but a nice hard rock song. “Unidentified Caller” shows how the general public and the scene has a distaste for the band and “Bitter Rat” is the gist in song form. Once again, I get another Avenged Sevenfold vibe here. Past the halfway mark, we finally have a song that is right after another song, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”. It’s the roar of the band, forging forward beyond all obstacles and with no fear. “Spellbound” definitely has something to do voodoo, as literally said in the bit before the song starts called “Now You’ll Pay”. This song is by far my favorite, as it somehow reminds me of Crush 40 (remember them?) going metal. It’s legitimately a nice and new sound that I haven’t heard in a bit. “Backstage At Gramercy” showcases the setting for what I assume is the rest of the album. “Dirty Little Secret” is the second to last track on the album and I’m immediately reminded of all the 80s rock and metal bands. The same aesthetic, atmosphere, tone… It’s all there. I don’t like to be a downer, but this is the filler track. It’s a catchy song though, especially with the guitars. Rounding out this concept album is “Guilty As Charged”. It’s an excellent ending to an alright first release.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this album. It’s generally decent, it has similar tropes to the band’s influences in a modern twist, and the concept is really easy to grasp after a few listens. I’m just…  alright with it. It’s nothing really new, besides performance and atmosphere. Everything sounds grand and well done. Instrumentation and vocals are on point, and they fit the genre well. I might be biased as well, since this isn’t the genre or genres I’m really into. However, I do respect their effort and congratulate them for a nice first release. I still really hear Avenged Sevenfold seeping in, especially through the way they used piano in the songs, plus the lead guitar parts. I love A7X, so it was familiar, but because it was familiar, it threw me off a bit.

I’m giving this album a 6.8/10. The band has an upcoming tour with Nita Strauss so be sure to check them out on the road! I’ll be waiting for their next release!


By Kevin


Band Members:


Kore  - Vocals

Andrei - Lead Guitar

Lynxx - Guitar

Louie - Drums