Nocturnal Sacrifice - Black Cult For Death's Triumph [EP]



Independent Release

Release: March 31, 2019


Nocturnal Sacrifice is a Mexican Black Metal band, founded in 2009. Their Black Metal is dark and aggressive, with raw and destructive atmospheres accompanying their lyrics covering topics such as war, death, anti-Christianity, paganism, heresy, the mystery of the humanity's darkest aspects and the exaltation feelings such as hatred, anger and misanthropy.


Considering this is an EP with, sadly enough, two tracks, this review is going to be short. I wish there was more material to review, but these tracks are the ones that are released most recently. Nocturnal Sacrifice are working on a full length album, so consider this review as a small review of what is to come…



Igne In Tenebris

Let The Death Set Us Free

 I like that even though the EP is fairly short, they did gave it it’s own title and album cover. They didn’t just name it after one of the songs on it, there has gone a lot of time and thought into this and I can appreciate those tiny details. ‘’Igne In Tenebris’’ is the first track, it is nice and heavy. The riffs are fast and the overall ambience is dark and evil, just how I like it. The track is on the long side, but keeping in mind that there is only two songs, I think it is better that they went for quality instead of quantity. I am disappointed with the fade out of this song, it was very quick and rushed. I feel like it should be dragged out a bit longer for that real black metal effect. It fell short compared with the song.

 ‘’Let The Death Set Us Free’’ is an awesome track as well. Around 3:50 there is a fast piece of music, instead of the old classic doomy rhythm. I liked that part a lot! It is fast but not TOO fast. I also really appreciate that the vocals are still very good actriculated even though they are growls and screams.

I think that ‘’Black Cult For Death’s Triumph’’ is a great EP. Now let’s hope Behemoth or another big black metal band invites them as a support act, because Nocturnal Sacrifice deserves a bigger following and audience than they have at the moment. These two songs have amazing quality and are very exciting overall. I am looking forward to the full length album!


Rating: 4/5


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By Tamar




Tyrant Wolf - Guitars & Vocals

Candlelight - Vocals

Siniestro - Drums

Deimos - Guitars

Orgh - Bass