Pallas Athena - The Awakening [EP]



Independent Release

Release: February 1, 2019


Pallas Athena are a progressive symphonic metal band from Manchester, UK. Aiming to infuse the traditional elements of symphonic metal (operatic vocals and orchestration) with elements of extreme metal and an atmospheric stage performance, Pallas Athena offer a new and fresh approach to the genre.


‘’Gloria’’ impressed me right away, and is the reason I really wanted to review and write about this EP. Categorized under symphonic metal, I can hear a lot of other influences including progressive and black metal. The second track is called ‘’Before The Dawn’’ which is a very epic piece. The track progresses nicely, and even being seven minutes, it does not repeat itself that much and keeps me interested. The part around 3:20 gives the music a dark vibe, and I like that a lot. 




Before The Dawn

The Curse of Arachne


The Summoning

‘’The Curse Of Arachne’’ does however have a few strange parts to me (this is where the progressive comes in), especially in the mixing it seems. It’s a shame because these parts could have easily been filtered out in the final product. Same goes for ‘’Lilith’’. I like the idea of ‘’The Summoning’’ and I see what they are trying to do here.

 Combining symphonic, progressive and black metal with female vocals is heard, but Pallas Athena have set their first footsteps in the right direction. I encourage everyone to check out their bandcamp (link below), to buy their EP. For a digital download you can determine the price yourself, but a real CD will cost you only 5 pounds. Original, new bands like this could use the sponsoring, and this was a very good first EP!

Rating: 3/5


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By Tamar




Vickie Harley - vocals

James Horn - guitars

Alexander Jordan - bass