Septris – Legacy



Independent release

Release: May 10, 2019


Spinning tales of epic wars and heroic battles, Swiss metal band Septris have made their debut with the independently released full length “Legacy”, which comes only a few months after the release of the EP “Warriors” (December 2018). The band consisting of vocalist Grégory Sandoz, guitarists Nathan Storni and David Perret, bassist Johan Måne, and drummer Yann Baumberger have put together a number of raw and fierce sounding songs that echo the thunder of swords clashed in battle.


Starting with the ominous feel of “Prologue”, which not only sets the mood but also introduces the listener to world created by Septris, you get a sense that something terrible is about to happen. And “Blood Moon” continues this ominous feel with deep, resounding vocals, coupled with some harsh ones, hard-hitting drums and loud guitars, thus creating a proper introduction to “Legacy” both lyrically and sonically. 




Blood Moon

The Storm



Broken crown



Last battle

“The Storm” ramps up the heavy factor and gives the listener a certain ‘battle feel’ because of the catchy chorus and the good guitar solo. The build-up reaches a boiling point with “Dragons”, where the fast-paced guitars and general bleak and desolate atmosphere give off a sense of impending danger.

 Feeling like two parts of the same song, lyrically speaking, the fierce “King” is as doomy as it is dramatic, with sharp guitars and rumbling bass for extra thickness, while “Broken crown” is a bit more mellow and intense in its delivery, with melodic guitar lines and sorrowful vocals, as it talks about the fate of a king. The anthemic feel and catchy chorus of “Warriors” makes it a true fighting song, that soldiers could chant while marching into battle. The same is can be said about the epic title track “Legacy” with its charged atmosphere and powerful delivery, making for a good war mantra. The fast-paced “Last battle” closes off the proceedings on a powerful note, like the sound of a thunderstorm.   

Septris have come a long way from the EP and show that they have found their metal legs, having crafted a high-energy and intense album, that fans of Warkings will surely like.  I do hope for a bit more variation on their next album, but for now all that I can say is that “Legacy” is a strong debut album, from a talented bunch of people.


Rating: 7.5 / 10









By Andrea



Grégory Sandoz – Vocals

Nathan Storni – Rhythm Guitar

David Perret – Solo Guitar

Johan Måne – Bass

Yann Baumberger – Drums