Stahlmann - Kinder Der Sehnsucht



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Release: March 22, 2019


The German band Stahlmann, known for spectacular stage presence ever since, are also famous for constantly developing their uncompromising sound. More than ever they do that now - thus their newest album ‘’Kinder Der Sehnsucht“ breaks open some traditional genre borders.


Stoic guitars, chilling electro-parts and brute lyrics mix perfectly with light Punkrock and Deutschrock elements. ‘’Kinder Der Sehnsucht“ is made of musical and textual depth and stands for a rousing atmosphere of departure. All that the hard German music scene is representing today - all of this is part of this record.


Ever since established, Stahlmann brought the NDH genre to perfection, and again they present themselves in a completely new way and set new standards. Hands-on, confident and ruthless - Stahlmann draw a picture of a society that strives for fulfillment, is longing for dreams, is celebrating friendship, seeking for sensation and drowning in sentimentality. Accurate as a painter frontman and Stahlmann-mastermind Mart Soer is confronting a modern society with their own portrait. 



Vom Himmel Verloren

Wahrheit Oder Pflicht

Die Besten

Mein Leben Fällt

Kinder Der Sehnsucht

Schliess Deine Augen

Hörst Du Wie Mein Herz Schlägt


Wenn Du Gehst (feat. Blue May Rose)


Die Besten (AMIworx Remix)

Our society is more socially connected and flooded with information and incidents more than ever before“, singer Mart Soer says, “and at the same time it is lonelier, more meaningless and more unoriented than ever.“


Anyone that is into Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH) knows about Stahlmann, or at least knows about their existence. The genre appeared in the early 90’s through Oomph!’s album ‘’Sperm’’, and not much later Rammstein released ‘’Herzeleid’’, and so, NDH was born. Most bands get unfair criticism for ‘’copying’’ said bands, it’s a genre and everyone can make music within it. Even if you are not from Deutschland ;) .

The album opens with ‘’Vom Himmel Verloren’’, which is a great track. It has a lot of repeating parts and elements but they keep me interested, the melodies are very catchy. ‘’Wahrheit Oder Pflicht’’ opens with a child's voice and sounds rather eerie. This makes a comeback in the chorussus. Nice track overall.


The song “Die Besten“ is a hymn to friendship. “Friendship is the most precious thing that exists“, Mart states. “Being able to rely on someone and talking honest with people is something that should be celebrated and honored much more often. Real friendship is worth that.“ Personally, I find friendship an odd choice for a subject to write about in NDH, but I am not against the idea. It leans a lot more to punk than NDH anyway. ‘’Mein Leben’’ brings the beloved electronic influences, but they definitely could have been more used. Title track ‘’Kinder Der Sehnsucht’’ also has a small touch of synths, but it still lacks in that area. ‘’Schliess Deine Augen’’ is very NDH, straightforward pattern, rough vocals and machine-like guitar riffs and drums. I am not totally convinced by the chorus though. ‘’Hörst Du Wie Mein Herz Schlägt’’ is a track I do not get at all.


Of all the tracks, I think ‘’Regen’’ would be one of the best to hear live. It is kinda similar to ‘’Wahrheit Oder Pflicht’’. ‘’Wenn Du Gehst’’ features indie-electro pop group Blue May Rose. An interesting choice for a collaboration, but it works out very well. ‘’Sinlich’’ is the perfect example of the recent NDH movement, same old influences but in a new coat. I really like it. The last rack is a remix of ‘’Die Besten’’, but I don’t really like remixes at the end of albums.

All in all, I do not think ‘’Kinder Der Sehnsucht’’ is Stahlmann’s best work. I compliment them for experimenting with their sound, that is not easy in this genre. I thought that the collaboration with Blue May Rose was the biggest surprise on the album, which was so much better than I initially expected.


Rating: 6.5/10


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By Tamar




Martin ”Mart” Soer (Vocals & Programmings)

Mario Sobotka (Guitars)

Eugene „Gene“ Getman (Bass)

Dimitrios “Tacki“ Gatsios (Drums)