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Jansen Records

Release: April 19, 2019


Formed by Kvelertak drummer Kjetil Gjermundrød and his brothers Espen and Inge, along with childhood friend Andreas Espolin Johnson, Norway’s Tempel promises to slay straight from the outset. While the band’s visual profile and music presents the band as a dark entity, Tempel’s music and live shows also demonstrate a fun loving crew who don't take themselves too seriously, paying homage to rock n roll with emphasis on both musicianship and showmanship.


Although there is no album this album is metal, there are a lot of influences and references scattered throughout the album: hardcore-esque vocals, epic and blackened segments and thrashy breaks, to melodic shredding and classic rock riffage. Tempel effortlessly distolls all this into their own magic brew, while simultaneously paying homage to heroes such as The Hellacopters, Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Thin Lizzy and Enslaved.








Forest Cemetery




Having toured all over Europe as support for Kvelertak, Tempel have honed their skills and crafted a show to behold. Live drummer, Kjetil has stepped aside due to his busy schedule with Kvelertak, handing the drumsticks to young powerhouse Jonas Usterud Rønningen, without lessening the groups sonic impact.


“Vendetta’’ already showcases us exactly what was promised in the paragraphs above. I want to add to that that Tempel’s music is incredibly easy to listen to. Before I knew it I was already listening to ‘“Afterlife’’ (track four). With easy to listen to I mean that it is great for when you are driving, running, or relaxing at a festival with a nice cold beer in your hand (or cola, I don’t know what you prefer). I had this feeling throughout the whole album, and to me that is a good sign. ‘’Wolves is another perfect example of that feeling. In ‘’Uninvited’’ you can hear all the different influences pretty well. I think that Tempel did a great job in mixing them all together without letting one overpower the rest. It is perfectly balanced.

 Back to ‘’Afterlife’’, I really like the quick guitar riffs that are in the whole song. ‘’Confusion’’ has a much vibe than the previous tracks, and therefore I think it’s position in the tracklist is great for that. Usually halfway an album people tend to get bored (I know I do), but mixing it up with this ambience they still grabbed my attention. ‘’Forest Cemetery’’ has a bit of everything, but this track is for some reason not doing it for me. I like the rhythm in ‘’Fortress’’ a lot, the instrumentals sounds like it could have been from Ghost, so that is always a plus. ‘’Torches’’ and ‘’Farewell’’ are not really for me, but they do have the same sound and ambience as all the other tracks.

I enjoyed this album a lot, and I would never have found out about it on my own. I was pleasantly surprised and look forward to hear more of Tempel!


Rating: 7/10


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By Tamar



Inge Haugland Gjermundrød - Bass & Vocals

Kjetil Haugland Gjermundrød - Drums

Espen Haugland Gjermundrød - Guitar

Andreas Espolin Johnson - Guitar


Benedicte Edvardsen: Vocals on Farewell

Kjell Gjermundrød: Tuba on Uninvited

Ida Viervang: Lyrics on Wolves & Torches