Top 10 - 2018 - Kevin

Well, 2018 is coming to an end! Overall, this was an above average year, with so many of my favorite artists releasing music. However, only 10 will make the list. Below, I’m gonna list my top ten favorite albums that were released in order this year!

1) Corrosion Of Conformity - No Cross No Crown  

(Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal)

[January 12th, 2018]


To be super honest, my experience of this band mainly stems from their 1991 album Blind, and it was my first album of theirs to listen to. The only difference of this newer album is that 3 of the original members make up the 4 piece, compared to Blind’s 5 member lineup (with only 2 original members). This album feels like a good stepping stone to get to know the band, especially if you’re in my shoes. Being the 10th album in their discography, it’s a nice steady start to 2018. Favorite songs include “E.L.M.” and “A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void)”.

2) The Dead Deads - Sketches And Animation

(Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock)

[January 26th, 2018]


The 3rd full length album from one of my top favorite bands ever, The Dead Deads had their share of lineup changes before and after this album. This release showcases the versatility of the band’s existence, with direct influences from the main vocalist, Meta Dead, this time. The last two albums had a growing range of sounds, and with this album, the band lands on a steady wave, riding it out this year. A double-sided album, it has 5 complete tracks known as “Animation” and 5 acoustic versions of the same songs known as “Sketches”. It reminds me of Foo Fighters’ In Your Honor, where one side is all their heavier rock tunes, and the other being acoustic songs with a lighter atmosphere. Who knows what will come next? I’m always excited for any of The Dead Deads’ material and I’ve never been disappointed. Favorite songs are definitely “Ghosts”, “Push Me”, and “Decay”.

3) The Breeders - All Nerve

(Alternative Rock)

[March 2nd, 2018]


Their 5th album, 10 years after Mountain Battles, and with the regrouped lineup of Last Splash, The Breeders returned strong and confident with All Nerve. Although my favorites are definitely Pod and Last Splash, this album is a really sturdy one. I saw The Breeders twice for this tour (the second being a last-minute decision) and the music from this album really blends well with their other tunes. This is a nice album to hear live, compared to the recordings. Both are excellent in their own right, although I almost always lean towards live performances. My favorite songs off this album are “Nervous Mary”, “Wait In The Car”, “MetaGoth”, and “Howl At The Summit”.

4) Jack White - Boarding House Reach

(Blues Rock)

[March 23rd, 2018]


This album was the weirdest territory I’ve ever heard Jack White explore so far. He still retains his bluesy riffs and structures, but incorporates some intriguing sounds and instrumentation. He’s been building upon the rap aesthetics from his second album and focused more on instrumentals over his own vocals. His 3rd solo record released by his own label, White always makes an emphasis to the old school methods of listening to music, having this album released on vinyl, CD, and even cassette! Favorite songs are “Ice Station Zebra”, “Respect Commander” and the big single, “Over And Over And Over”.

5) A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant  

(Hard Rock/Progressive Rock)

[April 20th, 2018]


APC is a band that never fails to impress. Being their 4th studio album (3rd if you don’t want to count Emotive, seeing how there are mostly covers on that album - Just joking), Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel have managed to reach some common ground for this album and the result is an electrifying experience. This has to be my favorite album out of their discography, on par with Mer De Noms. I know some of you will call me a heretic, but that’s how I feel right now! Granted, I am on board with a lot of people regarding how there is a lack of heavier songs. I love how this was released in the spring; this is an excellent album to listen on a rainy day. Favorite songs are the title track “Eat The Elephant” and “TalkTalk”. Here’s my review of this album.

6) Belly - Dove

(Alternative Rock)

[May 4th, 2018]


23 years after the band released their second album King and disbanded right after, Belly reformed in 2016 and crowdfunded their third album which became Dove. It feels as if nothing changed, with their sound retained and voices being older, of course. It seems fitting that I discovered Belly this summer, and how I feel Dove deserved a spot here. It’s pretty cool to see that Tanya Donelly, the vocalist/guitarist, co-founded both Throwing Muses and The Breeders; the latter being one of my favorite bands as well! Favorite songs off Dove include “Stars Align”, “Mine”, and “Army Of Clay”.

7) Ghost - Prequelle

(Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)

[June 1st, 2018]


This is the album I listened to the most this year. When Prequelle came out, I was all out on this. I couldn’t stop listening for so many weeks. This is the album that solidified my position as a Ghost fan. I was introduced and became familiar with their older material when they were touring with Iron Maiden, but Prequelle brought me to another level. Let’s make this clear: this album is primarily Hard Rock, although “Faith” is by far their heaviest song in their discography alongside “Mummy Dust” from 2015’s Meliora. I consider Ghost to be a Hard Rock band at this point, however they still retain their metal influences. My favorites off this track are “Rats”, “Faith”, “Dance Macabre”, and “Witch Image”.

8) Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Dictator

(Alternative Metal)

[July 20th, 2018]


First off, I still question the name change, as I always associated Daron with Scars, and there was absolutely no need to change the name. Second, this album feels like a continuation of the self-titled Scars On Broadway. At its core, this whole album ROCKS. System Of A Down hasn’t released any new material and Serj Tankian is busy with other projects, so this album is the closest we can get to anything similar. Daron’s guitar styles along with influences that fuse to his playing and lyricism that feels like literally a river flowing out of his mind is what holds this album. I can appreciate all the little comedic aspects and randomness, yet I still feel something lacks in this album. My favorites include “Lives”, “Fuck And Kill”, “Assimilate”, and “Never Forget”.

9) Halestorm - Vicious

(Hard Rock/Alternative Metal)

[July 27th, 2018]


Another one of my favorite bands, Halestorm brought back HEAVY! Although Into The Wild Life was a favorite, Vicious brought back the harsh, melodic stuff the first 2 albums had. Lyrically, Lzzy Hale keeps delivering well. The guitar licks by Joe Hottinger are another level of shred that he’s never reached until now. The band keeps growing towards the sky, and they don’t show signs of slowing down! The only thing I have to say is that there is only so much you can write about the same themes. I do love the ways the lyrics are structured and how catchy they are, but I’m just pointing out the limitations all musicians have before they start to repeat lines. I still love the band though! Faves are “Buzz”, “Black Vultures”, “Vicious,” and “Uncomfortable”.

10) Taco Mouth - A Deafening Silence

(Punk Rock)


From the Nashville rock scene, former members of The Dead Deads made their own project and it took off like a rocket. The album features all former songs off their W.G.A.F. EP, with the exception of the title track, all re-sung by guitarist Erica Sellers. Former vocalist Erica Dilanjian was the singer, and Erica the guitarist took over vocal duties for this album and for the future. Purely punk, vocal about their opinions, and a “We Don’t Give A Fuck” attitude, Taco Mouth worked with producer Michael Wagener for their material. I’m influenced by some punk bands, and this band is definitely in that list. I am waiting patiently for more music! My favorites are “Romero”, “Let’s Get A Little Bit”, and “Katie”.

Honorable mentions

 CHVRCHES -Love Is Dead (Synth-pop)

[May 25th, 2018]

Meg Myers - Take Me To The Disco (Alternative Rock/Pop Rock) [July 20th 2018]

Joji - BALLADS 1 (R&B/Pop/


[October 26th, 2018]

Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch (Industrial Rock) [June 22nd, 2018]

Gorillaz - The Now Now (Funk/New-Wave/Synth-Pop)

[June 29th, 2018]

By Kevin