To The Rats And Wolves - Cheap Love



Arising Empire

Release: February 22, 2019


“’Cheap Love’ is 100% TTRAW“ states the band that has risen solidly from the German underground over the past six years since their formation in 2012. Born from the ashes of Beast War Returns, To The Rats And Wolves gained popularity rather quickly with their eye-catching outfits, two singers and a trademark heavy sound. One EP and two albums in, their energetic mix of electronic energy and modern, contemporary heaviness is unique in today’s music scene. Their newest effort benefits from a strict DIY-attitude - as the band took over every part of it’s production without outside influences. ‘’It was pretty exciting as we did everything on our own. We’ve been disappointed in the past because we made compromises that went against our intuition. This time around we did not allow anything like this at all.“


It took the band only 18 months to write, record and produce ‘’Cheap Love’’, a time in which the band evolved once more, dispensed with their masked outfits and made the logical next step after 2016’s highly-acclaimed “Dethroned”. Now, more relaxed and assured, their sound has softened it’s edges but also added a lot more feeling and emotion. 



Cheap Love


All The Things

Never Stop


Look What You made Us Do






”The album is about the daily struggle, really“, declares guitarist Danny, ‘’it’s about love and heartache as well as about depression.“ A fact that becomes obvious once one lets a single like ‘’Down’’ sink in; a  stripped-down, poppy track that has become the band’s favourite during the production process. ‘’We’ve been through a whole lot, sank into depression and were close to putting the band to rest. ''Down‘''is uplifting and the sort of song you need in those kind of situations. It gave us hope when we recorded the album.“

The album starts with title track ‘’Cheap Love’’. The music is definitely electronic/pop oriented. It thought the album must be labeled wrong at first. ‘’Therapy’’ is very poppy, the chorus is very catchy but that is all there is to it. I do not listen to new pop music very often, so when I hear an actual guitar I am already happy. Same goes for ‘’All The Things’’. It Sounds way too polished to be metalcore. If you compare this to early Bring Me The Horizon, they definitely do not belong in the same category.  On ‘’Never Sleep’’ the harsh vocals and growls finally seem to have made a comeback. The chorus are mostly clean vocals but this time I am cool with it. ‘’Friendz’’ is again another piece of work. This time I’d call it rock, but radio-friendly. ‘’Look What You Made Us Do’’ is dare-I-say awful, and ‘’True’’ too. ‘’Cure’’ is a bit better but still not convincing me to listen twice. I had better hopes for the last three tracks but I’m afraid I have nothing new to say about it.

To The Rats And Wolves have produces a nice album but it’s definitely more pop oriented than metal. Too bad, because they could’ve easily found a middle ground on that.


Rating: 5/10


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By Tamar




Dixi Wu - vocals

Nico Sallach - vocals

Danny Güldener - guitars

Marc Dobruk - guitars

Stanislaw Czywil - bass

Simon Yildirim - drums