YUZU! - Radio Non-Sens [EP]



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Release: December 16, 2018


YUZU! is a two pieces grunge band formed in 2018, by Sarah Basso (singer, guitarist), and Victor Martin (drummer). They quickly entered to the studio to record their first EP "Radio Non-Sens", from songs written and composed by Sarah Basso before the formation of the band. They also played a few gigs, mostly in Nice, and played for Shakin' Street during their French tour. They plan to go on tour in France an in Italy, next autumn.


What I love about YUZU! Is the fact that they really love to make music. It is impressive to form a band out of two people. Even without having a bass player, the music has heart and soul, and that is definitely not what I expected. These talented people will blow away every audience they get to perform for. Judging from the live videos (I have put one below the review), that is exactly what they do. Their sound is nearly the same live as on the record, and I like that they did not try to make it as perfect as possible. It’s very rock and roll with a touch of other influences, like funk and punk.



Suck It Up


French Fries

Radio Non-Sens

Erase Your Head

Witch Hunt

The Preacher

‘’Radio Non-Sens’’ is one of the better tracks of the EP. I like the funky sound in the drums that combine way better with rock guitar riffs than I expected. My compliments to Sarah for pulling of both playing lead guitar and doing all the vocals simultaneously, I know that is not easy, but she does it amazingly. There is something very humble about them, they make honest music and they are good at it.


YUZU! Have exceeded my expectations about ‘’Radio Non-Sens [EP]’’. I can’t wait to hear the following releases!

Rating: 3/5


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By Tamar




Sarah Basso - Vocals & Guitar

Victor Martin - Drums