Dead Cross - Dead Cross



Ipecac Recordings

Released: 4/8/2017


Dead Cross consists out of four metal all stars: Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Misfits, Fantomas, Testament, Voodoocult, Suicidal Tendencies, Grip Inc, Philm), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox, Head Wound City), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Mr. Bungle) and Michael Crain (Retox, Festival Of Dead Deer). The band emerged out of a series of impractical schemes, fallen-through plans and last minute musical experimentation. Shows were scheduled before a single song was written, fans were formed before even one show was played. In the end, it all turned out fine and a new album was created. The band is now done with their North American tour, European shows are expected in early 2018.


The album starts with Seizure And Desist, there is somewhat of an intro but I don’t think it has anything to do with the song itself. Actually the song is exactly what I would expect with a lineup like this, it’s heavy, melodic and powerful all around. Same goes for Idiopathic.



1. Seizure And Desist

2. Idiopathic

3. Obedience School

4. Shillelagh

5. Bela Lugosi’s Dead

6. Divine Filth

7. Grave Slave

8. The Future Has Been Cancelled

9. Gag Reflex

10. Church Of The Motherfuckers

It has been a while since I got this kind of music to review, and I am enjoying it a lot! I had to get used to the vocals though. Idiopathic has a different outro, I expected it to be a bit messier but I guess this works too. I think this album is full of surprises…



Mike Patton

Dave Lombardo

Justin Pearson

Michael Crain


Obedience School is just the perfect thrash song, mixed with some punk. The song got some impressive double bass work around 1.45, but this is not my favorite. Shillelagh has for so far the best rhythm and overall build up in the song. I feel like there was a little less experimenting going on in there. I think the intro of Bela Lugosi’s Dead had worked better in the beginning of the album because it fades right into the song, while the actual intro of the album had a pause. Bela Lugosi’s Dead is actually a great track and one of the best up till now!


So, one song I didn’t like at all was Divine Filth. It was just way too much in one song, and again I’m bothered by the vocals for some reason, but I cannot figure out why. Grave Slave is a little better, but not by a lot.

Let's hope the next track - The Future Has Been Cancelled - is a bit more likeable for me. Unfortunately this was not the case, and I’m starting to get a bit doubtful about the last two songs. Gag Reflex is the longest song on the album, 4.21 minutes this one is a lot better than the previous three but still not the best I have heard. The song Church Of The Motherfuckers is a bit better again but it’s still kind of mediocre to me. I had high hopes for this one.


You can really hear all the different influences on this album. It is very consistent while being experimental. The only thing I was really bothered by is the vocals, and I think that is because they do not sound rough enough for this kind of music. In Faith No More it works because both are on the same genre, but I wouldn’t want to place Mike in a Slayer-like band as vocals. It makes the balance seem a bit off. That’s the negative side on experimenting, some people will like it, and some people won’t. I am somewhere in the middle of this, I absolutely loved the beginning but coming near the end I didn't feel like that anymore.


I also have to mention the album artwork and in the case I received the cd, it looks amazing! It looks and feels super professional, and when you tilt the inside a bit you can see all the lyrics! A really original idea which I did not expect. All in all, I give Dead Cross an 7 out of 10.


By Tamar