Edge Of Paradise - Alive [EP]




Released: 10-3-2017


They have been around for 6 years by now, and I’m sad I’m only finding out about them just now. I’m talking about Edge of Paradise, a hard rock/heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. In May 2015 they have released their sophomore album called Immortal Waltz, and was received very well by the audience. March 10, 2017 Edge Of Paradise released a 5 songs EP ALIVE via ILS/Universal. Produced by Chuck Johnson (Korn, Slipknot...) and mixed by Jay Ruston, Mike Plotnikoff and Michael Wagener. The band is excited to bring the music to the people!


The EP starts with Alive, which is a very groovy song. Although the band seems to almost advertise with Monet’s large vocal range, that is not yet to be heard on this song. It is definitely a song that requires more than one listen.


  1. Alive
  2. Dust To Dust
  3. Mystery
  4. Shade Of Crazy
  5. Humanoid

On Dust to Dust we do get to hear her vocal range which is very nice, compared with Alive, Dust to Dust shows a lot more potential, but you can hear the songs belong together. Mystery is a more ballad-type of song, it has beautiful lyrics and again, Monet’s vocal range is huge. Although I feel like it could use some more polishing around the edges, but it’s definitely good. The fourth song on the EP is Shade of Crazy, which also received a music video, as well as Alive. I feel like this song really defines the whole EP. It has all the best elements. Humanoid took a bit longer for me to like, but I’m sold. Edge of Paradise rocks!

Margarita Monet (vocals)

Dave Bates (guitar)

Nick Ericson (bass)

John Chominsky (drums)

Describing Edge of Paradise’s style is difficult, because I hear so many influences. If I had to choose other bands to describe the music on Alive [EP], I’d say it’s Rammstein mixed with In This Moment. The EP is really a cohesive unity, and they exceeded my expectations. I’d give this EP a 4 out of 5.


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By Tamar