Frida Annevik - Flyge Fra




Release: 17-11-2017


Singer songwriter Frida Annevik sings in the Norwegian language which gives a lot of charm to her new album Flyge Fra. Her fragile, soft voice make the songs flow seamlessly into each other. The songs have a very positive and adventurous vibe to them. The album has a hint of jazz, folk and soul influences as well.


So, this is something entirely new for Lyrical Spell Magazine, reviewing a Norwegian pop album! I want to start of with the booklet, as usual. It is super pretty and feels like it’s made of environmental friendly paper (I’m not sure though). What catches my eye is that the outside of the cover is extremely light, while the inside is dark. Has that something to do with the underlying emotions and messages in the lyrics?




1. Flyge Fra

2. Sommer’n Med Bil

3. Lilith

4. Gutt

5. Ved Sida Av Deg

6. Skamgang

7. Basert Pa En Sann Historie

8. Glansbilde

Listening to the whole album is a very nice and positive experience, even though I can’t understand it at all. Sometimes that does not matter. The music is nice to listen to, regardless of what you are doing. It’s perfect for a rainy day, whenyou’re cozy on the couch, but it’s also extremely fitting for a nightly drive as well for a hot summer day. Frida is a very talented songwriter and vocalist, her voice is very nice to listen to.


I’d rate Flyge Fra a 7 out of 10.


For More Info Visit:Ånnevik

By Tamar