Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail I




Released: 12-5-2017


‘’This is for all the non-believers

The ones who said we’d never make it out

This is for all the adversaries in our heads

That filled our minds with failure and self-doubt’’



Kobra And The Lotus are back, louder and more epic as ever. It has been three years since their last studio album, High Priestess, was released. After that, the band went on multiple worldwide tours, supporting Kamelot and Sonata Arctica (when I discovered them, it was at Kamelot’s show 16 October 2015 at 013 Tilburg, The Netherlands). It was right about time that they would release something new, and so they did. Prevail I is produced by Jacob Hansen, who also does the same for bands like Volbeat, Amaranthe and Epica, and mastered by Grammy Award winner Ted Jensen. Napalm Records promises us that Prevail I is Kobra And The Lotus’ most powerful album to date, and that Prevail II to complete the story, won’t be too far in the distant future…


  1. Gotham
  2. TriggerPulse
  3. You Don’t Know
  4. Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber)
  5. Light Me Up
  6. Manifest Destiny
  7. Victim
  8. Check the Phyrg
  9. Hell On Earth
  10. Prevail

Prevail I starts with Gotham. There isn’t much of an intro, so we jump right into this pool of heavy-metal. The song is right to the point, lots of melody and lots of power. TriggerPulse on the other hand feels like there has been put much more thought in the lyrics, just in the first verse alone: ‘’Becoming a resistance, ignition coil tightening. Elevating tension, reached the point of fragmenting’’. They describe a trigger pulse, but you know there is a double meaning behind it. You can see the writer is obviously talented. You Don’t Know is a very meaningful song as well, and was greatly appreciated by the fanbase on it’s release as a single. The lyrics are very relatable for everyone: ‘’You don’t know what it’s like to be me. No you don’t know what it’s like to be me’’. The song is less heavy than the previous two songs, but it fits to the theme very well. Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber) is a very good song on itself, it has a great solo and a nice instrumental piece in it. Light Me Up is a power ballad, with an emphasis on the power. It’s a good song to ‘’break’’ the album in two, and it doesn’t always need to be heavy to be good.


Kobra Paige - vocals

Jasio Kulakowski - lead/rhythm guitar

Brad Kennedy - bass guitar

Lord Marcus Lee - drums

We move on with Manifest Destiny. This is not my favorite song on the album, but it is interesting. It’s definitely different than the rest of the music on Prevail I. Somehow my brain keeps comparing it to Epica, which would be logical considered it is produced by the same person. Anyway, the song is melodic as hell, and I do like the acoustic part in it! Victim is unquestionably headbang material, but also has an interesting choice of melody. But then it struck me, it’s probably made like this to emphasise the most important words in those sentences, to make sure the message comes across. Check the Phyrg is an epic instrumental piece where Jasio Kulakowski (lead/rhythm guitar), Brad Kennedy (bass guitar) and Lord Marcus Lee (drums) get to shine.

I did not expect an instrumental song on this album, but I was pleasantly surprised. Hell On Earth is one of the most powerful and epic songs on Prevail I. Just as with Manifest Destiny, my brain was instantly like ‘’this could have been a Kamelot song’’, and that is obviously a good thing. We have come to the last song, with is called Prevail (coïncidence? I think not). I think this song will have a part two, just like the album itself. Prevail is like a conclusion, an explanation for the title and an epic closing track to a fantastic album.

What more can I say? Kobra And The Lotus have done it again. They have absolutely blown me away with their catchy melodies, their relatable lyrics and their balanced sound. I give this amazing album a 10 out of 10.


Tomorrow Kobra And The Lotus tour with Xandria will start, and I think that any ''female fronted'' will highly appreciate such an awesome lineup.


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By Tamar