Nervcast - Locked And Loaded [EP]




Released: 21-10-2017


Nervcast’s debut EP “Locked And Loaded” is hard hitting, catchy, and has lyrics that are relevant. Mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandra, The Devil Wears Prada) and produced/engineered by Collin Young (Animal Faces, Godstopper, Yonder Peak), “Locked And Loaded” captures the bands love for classic rock while maintaining today’s standard in modern production.


The band is looking forward to embarking on an exciting year and is already gaining a local following in their hometown of Toronto, Canada. Nervcast, which features Everett Mason on guitar and vocals, Kevin Daliri on guitar, Galen Weir on Bass, and Matthew Humphrey’s on drums will be releasing their debut EP on October 21st.



1. Chemical Solution

2. Fallen Angels

3. Moonstruck

4. Locked And Loaded

First of all, I want to thank Everett for sending me the physical cd! The EP came in a jewelcase, the quality of the booklet and the case itself are very nice. The artwork is cohesive and is on the same level as the music. I like the print on the cd itself, it’s beautiful! The EP starts with Chemical Solution, which is nice and heavy right away. There is not much of an intro, but I don’t think that is necessary with an EP. Since the EP is mastered by Joey Sturgis, I expected the music to be a bit more to the metalcore side of the spectrum, but I was wrong. I’d say it’s more of a mix between old school thrash and punk! Not usually what I review and/or listen to, but Nervcast definitely has my attention. Oh yes, back to Chemical Solution. I really like the different guitar riffs, but I’m not thrilled about the high vocals.




Everett Mason - Vocals and Guitar

Kevin Daliri - Guitar

Galen Weir - Bass

Matthew Humphreys - Drums

Fallen Angels has the same sound as Chemical Solution, but it’s a bit slower. There are less solo’s in the song but that does not take away in Nervcast’s sound. Moonstruck is definitely my favourite of this EP. I like the way the song is build up and the chorus is catchy! It also sounds less heavy than the previous two, and it shows that Nervcast is versatile. The last song is Locked And Loaded, the title track as you might say. It has a lot more instrumental parts than the other tracks. It is definitely not bad though, it’s just very different.

Locked And Loaded [EP] is a great start for Nervcast. It shows a lot of different sides of them and I’m happy about that. I look forward to a full length album, and meanwhile I want to encourage you all to explore their music! I’d rate Locked And Loaded [EP] by Nervcast a 4/5.


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By Tamar