ShadoWhispers - A Tincture of Gothic Fiction (EP)




ShadoWhisperS was formed in 2009 in Luxembourg and after a lot of lineup changes, some recorded demo tracks in their rehearsal room, are releasing their first official EP in 2017. ShadoWhisperS is symphonic metal, they tell epic tales of the battle between light and dark, inner struggles, heroes and anti-heroes, knights and bards, and of course life and death. For the 2 past years, ShadoWhisperS organise a small musical festival called "Shadow's Night". Support acts were other metal bands from the region.


The EP starts with The Veil, which is a very nice symphonic song. Right away I notice that the bass could be a little louder than it is now, it feels a little empty from time to time. Queen of Babylon has some more volume and power to it, it sounds great after The Veil (which I was more or less disappointed in). 


  1. The Veil
  2. Queen of Babylon
  3. Dark Throne
  4. Primordial
  5. A Knight’s Tale

I like the growls as well, they add a nice layer to the song. The next song is called Dark Throne, is very nice, I don’t really have more to say about it. The vocals seem a bit weak though. Primordial has a bit of Nightwish feelings in the Wishmaster era. The keyboard parts could use a little more definition and maybe some more layers, right now it kind of sounds like a midi is used, which is just a missed opportunity because the band does have a keyboard player. We’ve come to the last song which is called A Knight’s Tale. It is a very nice song, I think it is the best of the whole EP.


A Tincture of Gothic Fiction is ShadoWhispers first EP, and that shows. It is not bad, but it’s also not the best EP I’ve ever heard. Needless to say, I couldn’t find anything about a label, so I think it is mostly self produced, which is impressive and shows a lot of passion for the music.


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By Tamar