Sinheresy – Domino



Scarlet Records

Released: 7-4-2017


Sinheresy is an Italian metal band with power metal and symphonic metal influences whose journey began in May 2009 in Trieste when bassist Davide Sportiello met guitarist Lorenzo Pasutto and singer Cecilia Petrini. In time the line-up was completed by drummer Alex Vescovi, vocalist Stefano Sain and finally keyboard player Daniele Girardelli. What originally began as a Nightwish cover band, developed into something else as they started composing new songs and finding their sound and place on the Italian metal scene. Their hard work paid off and since then Sinheresy released an EP “The Spiders and the Butterfly” (2011) and a full-length album “Paint the World” (2013). Also the band opened up for Lordi in 2015 and for Tarja Turunen on some of her Shadow Shows in November 2016, thus visiting many European countries.


“Domino” is Sinheresy’s sophomore album and it’s a really good, engaging, rocking effort. The over-used male-female duo works extremely well and, while in other bands it seems forced, Cecilia and Stefano complete each other’s vocal delivery, and 


  1. Domino 
  2. Star Dome  
  3. Without a Reason
  4. My Only Faith
  5. Unspoken Words
  6. Under Your Skin
  7. The Island of Salt and Grass
  8. Ocean of Deception
  9. Believe 
  10. ...Another Life

in turn bring something different to the overall sound – be it a growl here, a rap part there or some superb vocalizing in the back-drop to support the main singer. I must say that Stefano’s vocals are the strong point of the band, coupled with Lorenzo Pasutto’s great guitar playing and Davide Sportiello bass work, which echoes so much the versatility and power of Andreas Blomqvist (Seventh Wonder). The rest of the band also hold their own with professionalism and grace and the end result is quite remarkable.


As mentioned earlier, their music has influences varying from Delain and Within Temptation to the heavier sound of Children of Bodom to some Amaranthe / Ayreon vibes as far as the usage of synthesizer goes. The title track, “Star Dome” or the groovy intro and piano lines of “Without a Reason” show Daniele Girardelli’s keyboard work, so, thumbs up for him. I love the perfect balance of the instrumental parts as each one has a chance to shine on its own, without over-powering the rest. The pounding drum intro to “Unspoken Words” shows Alex Vescovi playing, who is later backed-up by Davide Sportiello slapping the metal out of his bass (honestly, the bass lines are crazy good on this record).

“My Only Faith” sees Cecilia using a more melodic approach to the vocal delivery with Stefano doing some rap-like singing while the guitars provide a headbanging rhythm.  “Under Your Skin” has the catchiest chorus with both singers in unison, and a mellow instrumental part, which makes way for the ballad of the album, “The Island of Salt and Grass”, a heartbreaking tale of long-forgotten childhood dreams, which features a great guitar solo and beautiful piano lines. “Ocean of Deceit” is probably the best song on this album (and one of my favorites) – rocking, heavy and intense with all the best elements Sinheresy has to offer. The melodic “Believe” and the acoustic beauty “…Another Life” are the last tracks of “Domino” and are as simple as they are elegant.


Mika Jussila, mastering engineer at the legendary Finnvox studios, commented: “I keep this album as a good example of a modern metal record but don’t want to categorize any more. All tracks are produced and arranged in a very cool way and the sound is modern, punchy and powerful. Listening to this you feel happy and energetic at the same time.


All in all, “Domino” is a very enjoyable album, all the way through, consistent yet varied, with a solid instrumental side and playful vocal lines. It will make you headbang while trying to sing-along to the choruses. A real treat for any metal lover.


By Andreea