Talvienkeli - Hybris



WormHoleDeath Records

Released: 27-2-2017


Talvienkeli is a progressive symphonic metal band which takes its roots in France, near Lyon. It was born from the merger of two musical projects in 2012 They eventually recorded their first EP called Blooming in 2014. Talvienkeli’s line-up changed a lot, but it did not hold them back. They developed their own style, under the influence of each member's favourite bands (Nightwish, Epica, Behemoth,Porcupine Tree, Five Finger Death Punch). The band thus shares its original songs filled with orchestrations, rhythmical technicity and troubled stories told in the language of Shakespeare by a classical/rock voice. In 2016, the band signed a contract with the label WormHoleDeath and launched their new album Hybris in March 2017.


What caught my attention right away, is that the album starts with Hybris Part II and closes with Hybris Part I. I’m curious to find out why they did part two first, instead of part one. Let’s start listening! Hybris Part II : Dégénérescence starts with the beautiful vocals of Camille Borrelly,


  1. Hybris Part II : Dégénérescence
  2. Burning Flesh
  3. Immortal
  4. The Explorer
  5. Quill Of Dust
  6. Atlas
  7. Raining Moon
  8. Deadly Nightshade
  9. Scream-Her
  10. Hybris Part I : Bienveillance

and I almost get chills right away. You know that feeling when you listen to an album, and you feel like this is going to be a good one? The first song grabs me right away, and sucks me right into it. This might be the first progressive metal album that really speaks to me.


We continue with Burning Flesh, the second track on Hybris. I really like the way Camille’s voice sounds a bit raw from time to time, it cleared up for me why she described herself as a ‘’classical/rock voice’’. The melodies work amazingly together. The third song is Immortal, and I don’t know if this is just me, but it sounds a lot more heavy metal than progressive, but I feel like there are way more influences from other styles than I thought before. The vocals are a bit weak in this song. I can hear some folk-like melodies though, I liked that.

Camille Borrelly (Vocals)

Pierre Cordier (Keyboards)

Pierre Besançon (Rhythm Guitars)

Laëtitia Bertrand (Bass)

Paul Sordet (Drums)

And for now, something a bit softer, The Explorer is next. I like Camille’s voice a lot better in softer music, it sounds so much stronger and better. I feel like when there is too much music going on in the background, she is getting lost in the whole mix, and that’s a shame. The Explorer might be my favorite track of Hybris. On to the fifth song, Quill of Dust. With it’s 9:48 minutes, it is the longest song on the album. I like it, but I’m kind of waiting to hear something new, some parts sound a lot like earlier tracks on this album. Nonetheless, Quill of Dust is probably Talvienkeli’s Ghost Love Score, if you know what I mean.

Atlas starts right away with nice guitar riffs followed by a more peaceful part. This is a more symphonic song, and I truly think that this is the band's stronger suit. And again, those nice vocals! We’re past half of the album as we’ve come to Raining Moon. This is more of a ballad as well, it’s absolutely beautiful. I might change from favorite song. Deadly Nightshade is the first song that sounds all round finished for me. I like the guitars coming in at the end. Scream-Her is a nice song, I don’t really have anything else to say about it. It is time for the last track of Hybris, which is of course Hybris Part I : Bienveillance. It is a perfect closing track for an album like this, it has fast parts, slow parts and a nice guitar solo as well. It’s like a recap of the whole album.


Hybris is a very good album for people who are trying to get into progressive metal, while they are already a big fan of symphonic metal. Some parts take a bit too long for my liking, and sometimes I feel like we don’t get to hear all potential of Camille’s voice over all the other stuff that is going on. Overall I think it is a great album, totally worth the listen!


By Tamar