The Autist - The Coldest Sun



Azure Records

Released: 31-3-2017


The Autist is a female fronted metal project with prog/symphonic elements from Portugal/Russia featuring Polina Psycheya as main vocalist. The origin of the project dates back to 2014 and is the mind reflection of guitarist/composer Pedro Remiz that decided to recreate his own musical world after the end of Darkside of Innocence. The Coldest Sun is The Autist's debut album. Besides Polina Psycheya, it also features Alina Lesnik (mostly known for her many youtube covers) and Chiara Tricarico from the Italian metal band Temperance.


The album starts with Rebirth, which is a nice intro track. It’s all instrumental, but I like those kind of tracks, it sounds really epic. The next song is The Coldest Sun, also known as the title track of this album. It features Alina Lesnik of the band Once. The mix of different vocals work really well together, although I find the volume of the vocals a bit low. Stardust is a really nice song, but it is hard for me to understand the lyrics from time to time. Age of Leviathan features Chiara Tricarico from Temperance.


  1. Rebirth
  2. The Coldest Sun (feat. Alina Lesnik)
  3. Stardust
  4. Age of Leviathan (feat. Chiara Tricarico)
  5. Fallen
  6. The Great Lioness
  7. 1349 (feat. Alina Lesnik)
  8. Loveless
  9. Ethereal
  10. Sanctuary
  11. Pandora’s Curse (bonus track)

This might be my favorite song of this album, up till now. The song has so many layers of instruments and vocals, it sometimes feels like a bit too much for my personal taste, but I really like the subject of the song. The operatic vocals in this song are also a big plus. The fifth song on this album is Fallen, which is also the longest track on the album. I really like this one as well, it sometimes sounds a bit like Amaranthe, but with more progressive influences. I think that describes it pretty well. The Great Lioness is just epic all round, but I’m not hearing anything that I haven’t heard in the other tracks.


There is another track on this album that features Alina Lesnik and that song is called 1349. It’s a really short track, but it’s really nice. I wished they made this into a longer one. The song Loveless feels like it’s out of place on this album, I do appreciate the instrumental parts though. For me, Sanctuary also gets lost in the mix, and the closing track -which happens to be a bonus track- called Pandora’s Curse is the most memorable song for me of The Coldest Sun.


I would give this album a 6 out of 10. The whole album just doesn’t seem to be consistent enough since I only liked a few songs. It was hard to understand the lyrics from time to time and the middle part of the album wasn’t memorable enough for me.


By Tamar