Tigersclaw - Princess Of The Dark



7hard Records

Released: 14-7-2017


Tigersclaw is a new symphonic power metal band, consisting of three musicians based in two countries. Fronted by the super talented Russian soprano Elena Minina, multi-instrumentalist Alexander Baier and the German drummer Ralf Neumann to complete a strong line up. Their debut album called “Princess of the Dark” was released on July 14th this year through 7Hard Record Label.


For a new band that released a full length album right away I was kinda scared that I would be expecting too much. But I really have to say my expectations were exceeded, and here is why: these three musicians are all so talented, they aren’t new to the music business. They know how to properly write, record and mix an album that shows their full potential. A way to describe Tigersclaw’s music is how they advertise theirself: female fronted symphonic power metal. Except, in my opinion I would have said it differently. I would call them more rock than metal, gothic rock to be precise, or even doom from time to time. In some songs I even hear a synthesizer! Tigersclaw is a new fresh mix of all ingredients that already existed.



1. World Of The Dead

2. Princess Of The Dark

3. Storm Of Steel

4. Twilight Of The Gods

5. Like An Angel

6. Eternity

7. Phantasia

8. Eternal Flame

9. Screams

10. Revelation

11. Cherokee

12. She Rides The Lightning

13. Divine



Vocals - Elena Minina

All Music - Alexander Baier

Drums - Ralf Neumann

Because the symphonic scene is already so dominated by the big names, I think mixing different genres into each other is a very smart idea.

A few noteworthy songs are: ALL OF THEM. I don’t have a favorite, I don’t have one I really dislike. The whole album is consistent, I didn’t get bored or distracted one moment. One thing I do have to say is that the bass and vocals could have been a bit louder in the mix, sometimes the music really sounds like there is something off, which is a missed opportunity. Elena’s vocals are really awesome though, I hope she grows out to be what they call a ‘’metal goddess’’. She belongs up there with the big names! Her vocals reach is amazing and I never heard a note off on this record.

You have got to ignore the things such as the album art (I’m sorry but this really could have looked a lot more professional) and the website url, and listen to their music. I would not be surprised if Tigersclaw will support a popular band (such as Xandria or Serenity) the coming year or play at bigger festivals as opener. Princess Of The Dark shows their talent and I hope they will release more material soon! I’d rate this album a 9 out of 10!


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By Tamar