Interviews · February 13, 2020
Finnish band Amberian Dawn are Napalm Records' rising stars with their mix sounds that are reminisce of Swedish pop group ABBA and symphonic power metal. With 8 albums under their belt and a new already released, I wanted to take the time and chat with Tuomas Seppälä and Capri Virkkunen, the brain and voice behind the band.
Album Reviews · February 13, 2020
Finnish symphonic power metal band Amberian Dawn have been a rising sensation in Napalm Records' lineup, since Capri's arrival, transformed their sound from symphonic metal to what fans labelled them as “ABBA metal”. Already hitting their ninth (9th) studio in their 14 year career as of 2020, the band brings in refined and immaculate songwriting full of catchy melodies and epic keyboard passages that’ll make you relive the time of the 80s but with some modern dash of metal.

Album Reviews · February 13, 2020
Fronted by the talented Adrienne Cowan, American metal band Seven Spires made their debut on the metal scene with the EP “The Cabaret of Dreams” in 2014 followed by their first full length “Solveig” in 2017. Seven Spires performed extensively in the US, Canada, and at festivals such as MetalDays, 70,000 Tons of Metal, and ProgPower USA. And on February 14 the band will release the theatrical concept album “Emerald Seas”, via Frontiers Records.
Album Reviews · February 13, 2020
Serenity is one of the most consistent bands on the metal scene, and has been for nearly 2 decades. They found a formula that works perfectly for them and have put out six quality albums. Release number seven, “The last knight”, sees Serenity redefining themselves without forgetting their roots, offering a grand display of catchy melodies and soaring vocals, but also an unprecedented spectrum of sound that will surprise the listeners.

Album Reviews · January 31, 2020
There is something invigorating in getting lost in instrumental melodies. No words, just sounds! And such a treat is exactly what Finnish metal band Apocalyptica are delivering on their ninth studio album, “Cell-0”, which was released on January 10 via Silver Lining Music. “Cell-0” marks a return to the roots for the band as this is their first fully instrumental album since 2003’s “Reflections”.
Album Reviews · January 31, 2020
I remember seeing Myrath live back in 2015, and thinking to myself “just wait a few more years until these guys are a much bigger name on the metal scene, see the shows they will put on then”. And here we are, a couple of years later, and Myrath have released their first official DVD titled “Live in Carthage”, and I have to say I am really impressed with the show they had prepared for the fans. It was such a pleasure seeing Myrath reach this point in their career and can’t wait to see...

Interviews · January 07, 2020
Last year, November, was the two year anniversary of my first interview with Anette Olzon, vocalist of duo project The Dark Element. On November 10 I got to interview Anette again, this time about The Dark Element’s sophomore album ‘’Songs The Night Sings’’.
Album Reviews · January 07, 2020
After releasing two well received EP – “Scarlet Stories” (2013) and “Resurrection” (2015) –, and appearing at a number of festivals, Dutch progressive metal band Scarlet Stories have independently released their debut album “Necrologies” this September. What started out as mainly an acoustic project by guitarist Bram te Kamp and vocalist Lisette van den Berg, who created melancholic songs heavily influenced by progressive metal, in time Scarlet Stories...

Urgent · January 01, 2020
A small update for everyone that has asked us to review their music in 2019.
Album Reviews · December 11, 2019
Nightwish are master storytellers. If that wasn’t obvious enough with their latest albums and concerts, then “Decades: Live in Buenos Aires” will put any doubts to rest. Their newest release with powerhouse vocalist Floor Jansen and drummer Kai Hahto was filmed on September 30 while on their tour through South America and it is meant to show not necessarily the best of Nightwish, but definitely the quintessential Nightwish songs, those songs that have defined the band at various points in...

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