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Napalm Records

Release: June 28, 2019


The German heavy metal icons used the two years since Rebels well: Next to relentless touring, the five piece got busy by pouring all its creativity into new and exciting material. Legends is the ninth MAJESTY studio album and leads all defenders of steel into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where mankind fights for a brighter future.


After an atmospheric intro exceptional singer Tarek Maghary and co dive headfirst into epic goodness with ‘Rizing Home‘ and deliver ‘Burn The Bridges‘ with catchy gusto and keyboards. Legends bravely continues down the path its predecessor paved and mixes MAJESTY trademarks such as soaring guitar solos and anthemic choirs with modern soundscapes and a massive, crystal-clear production. That's how real legends gotta sound!


‘’The Will To Believe’’ is a 1:31 minute intro track, with a very cinematic sounds to it. Very smart move with the spoken word parts and the piano/electronic interlude to ‘’Rizing Home’’. I am a sucker for cinematic music, so this is already a plus one. On ‘’Rizing Home’’ I actually expected less operatic vocals because of the electronic influences, but it actually works pretty well. 



The Will To Believe

Rizing Home

Burn The Bridges

We Are Legends

Wasteland Outlaw

Church Of Glory

Mavericks Supreme

Words Of Silence

Last Brigade

Blood Of The Titans

Stand As One

The track sounds very Sabaton, if you know what I mean. Same goes for ‘’Burn The Bridges’’. However I like Majesty better because Sabaton’s war-theme is just not my thing, and they drag it out a bit too much in my opinion. ‘’Burn The Bridges’’ is super catchy, the break is acapella which I love and overall the track is just great. ‘’We Are Legends’’ sounds very familiar to me, but I can’t find out where from. It has a bit of an eighties sound to it, and that is probably why. ‘’Wasteland Outlaw’’ is the first track I dislike, because of the verses. It’s very fast but very monotonous. Meh.

‘’Church Of Glory’’ has electronic elements that remind me a lot of 90’s Dutch house music, but the rest of the track doesn’t sound like that at all. The lyrics are rather cheesy but still very catchy. ‘’Mavericks Supreme’’ sounds like a Beast In Black track, so I have to love it. ‘’Words Of Silence’’ is supposed to be a ballad but oof.. I don’t like it at all. The vocals are downright awful. ‘’Last Brigade'’ is a lot better already again, yet back at it again with the cheesiness. ‘’Blood Of The Titans'’ is very melodic but definitely not the best track of the album. I don’t really have an opinion on ‘’Stand As One’’ as it is nothing new.

‘’Legends’’ started pretty strong but half way it went downhill and lost its power to convince me. ‘’Words Of Silence’’ is a song they never should have put out and it brings the whole album down with it. I expected more from a band with already eight albums in their discography.


Rating: 6/10


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By Tamar



Tarek Maghary – Vocals

Emanuel Knorr – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Robin Hadamovsky – Guitars

Arthur Gauglitz – Bass

Jan Raddatz – Drums

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