Red Cain - Kindred: Act 1



Independent Release

Release: March 1, 2019


Born out of the emerging metal scene of Calgary, AB, Red Cain is a modern melodic metal project with European roots. With intricate songwriting, a heavy yet melodic feel reminiscent of progressive acts, and eerie ambient elements, Red Cain champion a fluid, dynamic, and unique musical style centered around telling dark, conceptual Faustian sagas and constructing those into an unforgettable live experience.


Described by frontman Evgeniy Zayarny as wanting to bring back the “Devil’s music” mysticism all too often missing in modern metal acts, Red Cain delivers flair, groove, and an intricate, lethal edge in their music. Listeners might well pick out elements reminiscent of such luminary acts as Kamelot, Symphony X, Tesseract, Draconian, Marilyn Manson, whipped into a venomous new shape. The current incarnation of the band is all of these influences mixed with a lot of vodka and Eastern European melancholy, shaken and stirred.




Midnight Sarabande (guest guitar from Tyler Corbett)


Blood & Gold

Juliet (guest vocals Daniel Louden of Benevolent Like Quietus)

All Is Violence

Wing of The Crow (guest vocals Kobra Paige of Kobra and The Lotus)

Unleashing their self-titled EP in 2016 to rave reviews, Red Cain is returning in 2019 with their debut full length entitled “Kindred: Act I”. The album was produced by Sascha Laskow (Every Hour Kills, ex-Divinity) with the band at Perfect Filth Studios and also features vocalist Kobra Paige of  Kobra and the Lotus on their single “Wing of The Crow”. Her work with Kobra and the Lotus needs no introduction, and when it came time to deliver the mighty yet intricate vocals for the Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war on that track, she was their unanimous choice for the part. The band has also already released two previous singles in 2018 “Snakebouquet” (music video here) and “Zero” (listen here)

Red Cain is not a stranger to LSM, they even participated in our birthday give away last year! I was very happy when I saw this promo arrived in the mailbox, and I started listening right away. ‘’Snakebouquet’’ sounds really awesome, a great way to open a new album. Right off the bat, Evgeniy’s vocals blow me away. Track two, ‘’Midnight Serenade’’ however seems to be mixed very differently. Especially in the beginning it is very noticable. That is something to pay more attention on in the next release. ‘“ZERO’’ has some nature sounds interlude before the song really starts, and a nice, heavy guitar riff comes through. This song seems to lean more to progressive rock than symphonic. ‘’Blood & Gold’’ is one of the most impressive tracks on this album, because apparently Evgeniy’s voice can hit pretty high notes! You do not hear that extremely often. It’s a great ballad to cut the album in half.


‘’Juliet’’ has guest vocals of Daniel Louden from Benevolent Like Quietus. I am not familiar with him, but I do appreciate his appearance on this song. ‘’All Is Violence’’ has very cool growls in the background, overall a great track. ‘’Wing Of The Crows’’ is the cherry on top for ‘’Kindred: Act 1’’. The song features Kobra Paige from Kobra And The Lotus. Her band has been growing immensely over the last four years. I’m happy to see a bigger artist taking the time to do guest vocals for a smaller band than hers. This is undoubtedly my favourite track of the album and I think that goes for a lot of listeners.

Red Cain have produced a very awesome album. It sounds and looks very professional (if we look past track 2), has great riffs and epic melodies. Keep an eye on these guys, they will come very far.


Rating: 7,5/10


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By Tamar


Line Up:


Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals

Brendan Doll – Guitar

Noah Bockmuehl – Guitar

Rogan McAndrews – Bass

Taylor Gibson – Drums